What do you think of Minecraft Forum

So I love discourse (the sponge forum software) but recently I’ve been browsing the minecraft forum and it’s really starting to annoy me.

What do you think of Minecraft Forum’s software, I believe it’s Xeonoforo. I personally wish they would use either discourse or NodeBB.

Personally, I believe that Discourse has a lot of improvements that other software should take into consideration. However, I prefer XenForo, as things currently are. That may change, as Discourse improves as well.


I like the real-time kind of thing Discourse has going, but I also like XenForo’s more professional look.

I don’t like Xeonoforo’s layout or really anything about it. Because of it, minecraft forum is on my list of ‘web monopolies’, right up there with youtube. Maybe it’s just me but I think reloading the whole page to do anything is very annoying.

  1. XenForo has live updates, as well.
  2. “web monopolies”?
  1. What? I’m talking about Ember/Angular and all that ajax stuff.
  2. Name one other popular place for posting mods and stuff (same with youtube but videos).

Bukkit, Curse, PlanetMinecraft, etc.


The point is that BukkitDev, CurseForge, the Minecraft Forums, and the Minecraft Wiki are all hosted by Curse. That’s two off your list (arguably the most popular for hosting mods). Now what does that sound like?

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Curse is great when you want software with bugs back from last century.

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I don’t know anything about the software and stuff that Curse uses but I think it feels really old school.
This forum just looks fresh and easy to use, I like that!

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i don’t know anything about software but i hate waiting for forum approval