What do you think of the new Website? ;)

The Sponge website got updated! Awesome!

I think it’s better, (especially with that sponge cartoon). I feel like something may be off though :smile: could just be me though.
Anyways discuss ahead!

○ Nathan ○

EDIT: I’m talking about the main one http://www.spongepowered.org

I think it still looks atrociously orange

This is my opinion, I like the original website better.

I never use it and wouldn’t have noticed it changed without you making this post :wink:
But I feel it looks kinda… untidy. Also, looking at that orange-reddish tone makes my eyes ache.

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There’s already a discussion thread on this The new Sponge homepage - Discussion thread

I already created a thread about this. You can find it here.

Wasn’t aware, tried looking for it, but couldn’t find one. No problem though.

○ Nathan ○