What do YOU want in a plugin?

Just wondering (since I’m making Spongy), as a server owner, what would you like to see in a plugin that is being made to work (kind of) like Essentials? Like, just a list of commands you’d want and their usage, and maybe some features and examples. It would really help :smile:

Some examples would be like:

/warp - Warp to a specified warp location.
/setwarp - Set a warp at your current location with a specified name
/home - Go to your set home
/sethome - Set your home at the current location
/spawn - Teleports you to the defined spawn
/setspawn - Set the spawn location to your current location

Configuration, Some sort of localization thingy and the sweetest UI ever. Also an API and ALL TEH COMPATABILITIES

Like a text file with the strings that can be edited by the server owner so that they can say other things?

Yep. And in some bigger plugins. A way to define different languages users can switch between. Not needed for every plugin though.

Do note that Essentials is already underway migration to sponge and will have heavy changes.


A /back command that is compatible with all teleportation plugins. Work together!


The problem with said thing in the past was that plugins could teleport for many reasons. If you just used playerteleportevent in the past you could easy hit a situation where /back stops being meaningful as people get restored to the exact same place, due to behavior of certain plugins. This would rather require direct interacting, and probably a generic bridge, which may not pick off.

Yep. Maybe a BackCommandService.

This will be more of a “For now” kind of plugin. Also a learning experience for me :slight_smile:

Well, just a simple Teleport plugin that dealt with teleportation and stored all of the player’s teleportation data in a data file somewhere.