What does your desktop look like?

Hello World!

I have seen these in a lot of places and are always a lot of fun.

Post a picture of what your desktop looks like, no cleaning up or anything, just minimize all windows and take a screenshot.

(To do this on Windows without outside software, hit print screen, then open MSPaint, paste, then save)


Yay for minimalism. <3
And then when I double click (thanks to fences):


I use fences to auto hide the icons and when i double click the desktop they show

The image changes every 10secs though.

My desktop generally looks like this:

Sometimes I unhide my Fences, but usually I keep it clean and simple. My background is actually a slideshow that changes every 10 minutes, full of high resolution cityscape images pulled from various subreddits, and stored to my Google Drive automatically by IFTTT. (Although I still have to go through every once in a while and remove any subpar images that happen to make it in.)

Let’s get some Linux up in here guys.

Now here’s a osx desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

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Simple and clean :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Windows (7):

My Linux (Elementary):

My other Windows (8.1):

(Don’t ask me, what the hell happened, it just converted itself from a preview into a licensed version)

And all the others :smiley::

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I use fence so this is how it usually looks like:

With Fence interface:

I hope y’all like my Sons Of Anarchy background - It used to be a slideshow of Teen Wolf, Game Of Thrones and Sons Of Anarchy but I never set that back up - may have to do it again.

might share that background? :smiley: looks great!

here’s the last time i’ve cleaned my desktop
and here one i just took :

Bit off topic, I’m sorry - @Miodo What is that overlay that tells you the song you’re playing, dates and such? Looks amazing.
@McLive http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/23900000/SAMCRO-sons-of-anarchy-23949861-1280-1024.jpg

I assume that’s Rainmeter.

That’s a nice and clean kde :smiley:

@Konkz, indeed, it’s Rainmeter, i think it’s a plugin…

Here is mine:

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With fences shown:

Without fences shown:

And my VM’s :stuck_out_tongue:

And that are only the VM’s I use frequently ore that i used the last 2 days :smiley: and the VM’s in “Virtual Machine” are for my project at school

So I played around with Rainmeter and such, quite love the result.

With Fences

Without fences (The background changed -.-)

I’m loving my desktop :slight_smile:

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The Program that show this kind of stuff is Called Rain meter
The Skin i use on it is : Galaxy Suite