What exactly is Sponge?

The other day I was wanting to make my personal hosted server Bukkit so that I can use plugins. The only problem was I needed this thing called MCPC+ or Cauldron. I looked up Cauldron and on the website, there was no download links for 1.7.10 let alone, any. Then, I come across this thing called Sponge that is supposed to “replace” Cauldron (If I am correct.) At this point I do not understand why they took down the Cauldron download links. I just want to play my Forge server with Bukkit.

So my questions are…
Will Sponge replace Cauldron/MCPC+?
Why did they remove download links for Cauldron?

Read the FAQs it will explain most things. To put it simply sponge is a new server implementation and api meant to fix many of the problems that came with the Bukkit API. It is under heavy development and is far from ready. If you need a server right now I would recommend using spigot.

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Yes, Spigot is your way to go until Sponge is ready for usage. This may take at least a few months more… :wink:

Please actually look through Sponge before asking questions.


Anyone counting how many times these questions have been asked? I don’t get it…You could put a giant banner on the sponge homepage and it still wouldn’t stop people from asking.


They took down cauldron due to the bukkit DMCA.

This is why we need like a fake download link

(Sorry for the double post)


To start off, you probably should read the GA before asking questions as they might get asked a lot. But I guess I will answer your question.

  1. Yes it will.

  2. Cauldron was DMCA’d by a Bukkit developer who had rights over some of the code in both bulky and cauldron which was being illegally distributed. It’s kind of a complicated situation but that’s basically the gist of it.

We actually did this sort of thing back on Cauldron and people still ignored it. There were basically red flashy lights saying to read the FAQ before jumping into IRC, and people STILL ignored it. Rather than taking the 1-2 minutes required to educate yourself, you need to be spoonfed info by other people who are generally just going to tell you to educate yourself. I don’t get it either :D.


Maybe you just needed a giant flashing pop up that couldn’t be closed for 5 minutes or until they read the dang FAQ. :trollface:


That include a quiz afterwards to verify they really read it, and not just walked away for 5 minutes?

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Or one with a phony ‘your pc is infected with a virus’ type message…

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or the “Congratulations! You won!” type. :trollface:


We need a bot that answers these questions with: “You can clean your house with it!”.


Obligatory sponge ad.



There was a bit halfway down the FAQ. Disconsented added it requiring that people say the words “Aye Aye Captain” before anyone would respond to their pleas for help. That told us they at glanced at it enough to find something buried in the FAQ. If they didn’t, we’d just ignore or mute them :D.

I have read the entire FAQ ~10 times, I’ve never seen that… huh…

We actually did this sort of thing back on Cauldron and people still ignored it.

I’m referring to Cauldron’s FAQ back in the day. But I went to look to link it here and remembered it was the chat rules for IRC that required that xD.


That’s awesome. I have to admit I never read the Cauldron FAQ, or MCPC-Plus back when I was using it, but I really didn’t have any questions that needed answering. Was all pretty straight forward.

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