What html editor do you use?


I personally haven’t used Atom or eclipse for HTML so I can’t comment on them but I like NPP for it’s minimalist GUI and easy to add plugins.

Go Emmet!


My choices for gEdit and Atom are both for their massive extensibility, and total platform independence. They run equally well on just about everything, to my knowledge. I also have a portable-apps directory in my google drive, so that I can take essentials with me, even if I forget a flash drive. Atom is one of them. (If you’re curious, things like Dexpot and Pidgin are also there.)


Sublime Text. Even with no plugins, it works very well, and the start up time on ST3 is pretty nice too.


Worth a read: sitepoint smackdown - atom vs brackets vs light table vs sublime text


Notepad ++ its the best one!


I code mostly in Linux, so I use gEdit and Chrome.


Notepad++ with ‘Run: Chrome’
So I can test the html.


I recommend either Brackets or Atom. Both are f***ing amazing.


I prefer Eclipse due to the PHP Javscript support that it gives. Sometimes I use Atom or notepad++ .