What html editor do you use?

I have been use Notepad++ to make my websites and stuff and are wondering what all of you use (Preferably free, I’m a poor High School student.)

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I use Espresso however I don’t code that much in HTML.

Sublime Text is my general text editor of choice. You can get the unregistered version for free or pay for it for $70. Intelij IDEA also has decent html editing capability along with autocomplete, which I believe is in the community edition.

Notepad++, gEdit, or Atom.

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Atom ftw, because notepad++ is too mainstream.

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It’s worth mentioning that more often than not, I use Chrome and the built in developer tools as a sort of IDE for HTML/CSS. When I’m finished tweaking a class or tag hierarchy, I just copy and paste it back into my editor and clean up the whitespace.

Notepad++ is all I use, besides Chrome dev tools.

Eclipse, because the PHP and JavaScript integration is good and most of the time I’m not writing “static” HTML content so that really helps. EDIT: Coupled with Firebug and FirePHP, because they’re awesome

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I use Sublime Text 2. Modified it with a plugin so I can press F12 have it save all unsaved changes, and open them up in my browsers (configurable). It works really well, and with it there are some nice features that really let it work well with all sorts of languages. Though Atom is a pretty good alternative too.

I rarely do any web stuff, but vim.

I use notepad++ initially

Now I currently used Brackets
I also used to use Aptana which was great for some stuff. But I started to dislike it due to some various things…

For Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS (when necessary), I use Notepad++.

I generally use PSPad for any text/code editing. It suits my needs better than Notepad++. However, Notepad++ is good enough also.

I have never seriously used webdev IDEs so far, mainly because the projects I worked on were one-man-show and not too complex. There are free and freemium products of that kind out there, one of which wohld be Netbeans.

Dreamweaver would by my first choice but, you said you wanted it free. In that case, Sublime Text has an awfully good free demo. I’m not sure if it expires though.

EDIT: It’s not a demo, just an unregistered version.

Vim… for almost anything.

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I am flabbergasted that nobody has mentioned Komodo Edit 8 yet. It is absolutely amazing, in my opinion :slight_smile:

seems like Atom was the winner for it’s dark theme and becuase it was made by GitHub

Dark themes are available for any editors listed above. Atom is pretty neat too because of its extensibility.


NPP. Anyone who says Dreamweaver deserves to be stabbed.


Personally I used DreamWeaver. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, It depends what I already have open. If I have eclipse opened, I use that, If I have notepad++ open, I use that. If I have Atom opened, I use that. No real preference.