What if Forge dies? Or Glowstone?

Since Sponge is built relying on these two things, have they considered what’d happen if Forge stopped development, or Glowstone?

We make like finnegan and begin again. :wink: Now if Minecraft Coder’s Pack dies, then we’re all dead.

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And why so negative? As long code has a good licence its immortal. RIP craftbukkit.

Just want to be able to rely on something in MC for the first time.

Glowstone isn’t based on MCP.

Cool, so we’re fairly well protected by redundancies.

Forge is LexManos’ job, he will not let it die any time soon and I’m sure a trusted member of the community would be offered the job if he has to quit.

Bring back www.Spoutcraft.org , Our client’s concept was always good, just had years of poor implementation.


Over at Bukkit we never relied on MCP. Got along just fine. :slight_smile:

If Forge or Glowstone (or both) die, either the community will solve the issue or Sponge will die.

The Sponge API is written to be platform independent so if any other platform arose, a new implementation of the API could be used without breaking any plugins.

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Programmers and their love of Boolean values. “We fix it or we don’t” :wink:

if (dead) {
} else {

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If the Forge implementation of Sponge dies, another will take its place. Simple.