What is Sponge? Anyone know?

From my understanding sponge is just forge and bukkit put together right? I am trying to make a bukkit and forge server so I can have both plugins and mods and the developer of cauldron moved here so is sponge just forge and bukkit mixed if not tell me please. Also do all forge mods and bukkit plugins work with sponge? If you know the answers to these questions please post in the comments of this forum post.

Nope. Sponge has nothing to do with bukkit. That’d be cauldron.

Bukkit plugins don’t work with sponge. Sponge is simply an API. Forge mods don’t work on sponge either. The default implementation will be a forgemod, so it will work alongside mods (how well depends on wether the mods respect it). Note that on other implementations like Glowstone and Granite forgemods won’t work, as forge isn’t available.

We have a beautiful FAQ for these things: Sponge FAQ - Google Docs

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There’s a newer version of the FAQ here.


Well I would like to point out they WILL work, if you use Pore on the server when that’s out.

Although I would personally recommend using 100% native sponge plugins if you can.


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@Parker_Allen_Bennett That is just lazy, others have already posted the FAQ links