What is sponge Vanilla

what is sponge Vanilla

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Granite was an implementation of SpongeAPI which was built atop the existing Minecraft server, whereas Sponge is a SpongeAPI implementation build atop forge.

When Sponge took control of Granite, it was renamed to SpongeVanilla to lessen confusion. Whether or not that’s worked is anyone’s guess.


Personally it made me more confused as I had referred to it as Granite for such a long time. Also SpongeVanilla feels very weird to me and makes it seem like the original implementation should be called SpongeForge :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know, I can’t claim to be any better at naming than them, its a hard process.

Personally, I agree. I was thinking about posting in the IRC later about renaming Sponge to SpongeForge, since we renamed Granite to SpongeVanilla. It just makes more sense to me, that way.

Personally, if we ever take over Glowstone (not sure if that’ll happen, or if Glowstone will ever continue development on their own), that would be the implementation that deserves the ‘Sponge’ title, as it doesn’t use any code from anything but it’s own developers.


For me VanillaSponge and ForgeSponge would make more sense. I think it gives more of a feel that it’s Sponge for Vanilla Minecraft as opposed to Vanilla Minecraft for Sponge.


Nope, Zidane pointed out that Sponge will stay Sponge (and not SpongeForge). On the Docs Sponge (coremod) is used for clarification where needed.

I’d prefer SpongeVanilla and SpongeForge too, as it would go well with SpongeForums and SpongeDocs :smiley:

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Naming is, LITERALLY, the worst part of a project.

SpongeVanilla was simple; we wanted the Sponge name to be a part of all projects and for it to be clear that its free of modifications (no mods).

Sponge is a problem and only due to it being known that way for a while. It’s a tough call as SpongeForge does make a lot of sense (due to it meaning its Sponge with mod support) but renaming a project after over 6 months of being known as Sponge can’t be taken lightly. Needless to say, its been debated heavily and heatedly internally and, for now, its known as Sponge.

For some trivia, we considered:
[SpongeCommon | SpongeVanilla | Sponge]

SpongeCommon, SpongeVanilla, SpongeForge
Common, Vanilla, Sponge
Sponge, Granite, SpongeForge
Sponge, Granite, Andesite
Diosite, Granite, Andesite


I like that one.

Oh, forgot one:

Lightstone, Glowstone, Redstone

(…but that pesky Glowstone project and its meddling kids stole it years ago…)




Sponge, SpongeVanilla, SpongeForge

I vote for SpongeStone :wink: