What is the best IDE?

I tried IntelliJ but found I couldn’t adjust to the no Error Window (even with the compile live option it doesn’t match Eclipse’s) and I had just gotten used to Eclipse overall. It does have much better code completion out of the box and the project indexing is nice, but I found that I could make up for it in Eclipse with plugins.

Eclipse all the way :stuck_out_tongue: I have no plan to migrate any time in the near future as I have coded on eclipse for pretty much the past 6 years and I still love it.

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Created a poll check it out here

IntelliJ feels nicer. It’s less cluttered.

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Triple monitor setup help with that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve used all 3 and just keep going back to NetBeans. :slight_smile:


If you’re used to Eclipse, continue with it. Because moving is quite hard.
But once you get used to IDEA, you will never go back to Eclipse, never.

Pro-tip for mod\plugin devs moving to IDEA. When you start trying to launch multiple modules at once (probably something like FMP and your mod together), you will get “circular dependency” error. Ignore it. That took me a while to realise.
And also, workspace in Eclipse is project in IDEA. Project in Eclipse is module in IDEA
And module system is way, way coller.

IntelliJ Hands down without question. Anyone stating otherwise is just giving you their preference.

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I’m happily running Netbeans for Java, C, C++ and some other languages.
PHP I do in PHPStorm, so that’s awesome.

I used to use Eclipse but then switched to Netbeans, mostly for the integrated Git/Maven (which is done amazingly) and such. Gotta love it :stuck_out_tongue:

(also omg no IDE wars here yet :o)

IntelliJ has integrations with both ant/maven/gradle/sbt and cvs/svn/p4/hg/mercurial too.

In my opinion IntelliJ is superior to Eclipse, Eclipse is just lacking a LOT of features IntelliJ has, and I think the only reason why Eclipse is so commenly used in Minecraft modding, is because MCP is very easily set-up with Eclipse.

I don’t have any comment on other IDEs such a Netbeans since I haven’t use it before.

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To each their own.

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I don’t know if you are right or not, but your comment is very entertaining. In fact it is universally entertaining, and those who disagree are all wrong.

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Yep, it does. I just couldn’t get used to the IntelliJ layout/buttons etc. I tried it for a while though :slight_smile:

For Java I use IntelliJ. I’ve been used to the layout pretty easy because I did not use eclipse for a long time.

IntelliJ!!! I love it so much, once you understand how to use it, it’s amazing.