What is the best IDE?

I use eclipse, but I want to know if IntelliJ IDEA is better.

I also use Eclipse.
I would recommend you to keep Eclipse.
(I use NetBeans for Java Forms)

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Both are very good IDEs. It doesn’t really matter which one you use, but if you’re interested, try the IDEA and decide yourself.

Edit: NetBeans?!? Are you serious :smiley:


Thanks :smile: I’ll try IDEA but probably keep eclipse.

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I personally use Eclipse. I haven’t tried any other IDEs yet, so I can’t say which is better, but if you already know one well, you might just want to stick with it. Switching IDEs might take time to become familiar with the new IDE. Of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out others and maybe find some way to transition. You’ll just need to see what’s best for you.

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I prefer Eclipse over IntelliJ IDEA.

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I use Netbeans, but if someday IntelliJ adds “multiproject in the same window”, I’ll migrate for sure…

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Don’t ask questions like that! The answers will be completely opinionated and you’re gonna start a flame war. :ok_hand:

I personally really like JetBrains’s IDEs. There’s places where IntelliJ is very powerful and Eclipse lacks in comparison but the same thing can be said for Eclipse too. It comes down to your use case.

There’s a free community edition of IntelliJ IDEA so you can try it freely. Also there’s NetBeans, but let’s not talk about it. :wink:


I generally prefer IntelliJ. I migrated from Eclipse quite a while back. It seems the biggest drawback is trying to get used to IntelliJ, it can be quite difficult when you’re used to Eclipse. Creating libraries and including them into projects is quite a bit different it seems and is what I struggled with most when switching. But now that I’ve got that sorted out, I like IntelliJ better. It’s worth a try, but will not likely be an easy conversion.

I don’t think he wanted to start a flame war, it sounded like he was just genuinely interested in IDEA and thought he’d ask here. Being a community largely of Java developers, seems like a decent enough place to ask XP


You should never be creating libraries explicitly in the GUI regardless of Eclipse or IntelliJ anyway, they should be added to your Gradle build definitions.

As @OffLuffy said, IntelliJ is very very different from Eclipse or Netbeans.
It’s hard to switch, but once you do it’s an amazing IDE.

With that said, if you couldn’t tell, IntelliJ is my favorite IDE for Java work.

Assuming they are using gradle.

I wish I was familiar with Gradle or Maven or any of those nice things enough to use them, honestly. Since I only really develop for my own server, I get by with just using the in-built lib manager.

There is really no excuse not to.

Try reading through the documentation, it will save you a lot of effort even if you’re a solo developer. I would write up an example plugin definition, but I need to get ready for a raid.

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I prefer IntelliJ IDEA over Eclipse. I think it is way better, has more features, it takes maybe a week to get used to it (I hated it at first) but then I realized how awesome it was.

I have used Eclipse before (until it randomly deleted all of my projects) and I believe it is a great IDE, but I prefer IntelliJ.

Maybe not, but that’s a weak rebuttal. What if I prefer maven? Or the archaic ant?

Nothing you say will change my mind in that case and just assuming the user is making use of gradle is faulty.

However, don’t take this as trying to fight you here: I like gradle and recommend using it.

Just keep using eclipse if that’s what you’re use to.

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That’s fine. Personally I prefer SBT. Maven, Gradle, and SBT are fundamentally just different flavours of the same ice cream. However, when posting in the forums I will assume people are using Gradle, since that is what the project itself is using. Additionally, since there is no Maven repo yet, short of rewriting the build definitions, Gradle is the only viable way to pull in a dependency on SpongeAPI.

You’re still generating the code from an IDE-independent generic project model. You’re just doing it in a slightly more masochistic fashion.

I prefer using Eclipse since that is what im used to.

I prefer IntelliJ Idea to Eclipse (or NetBeans) – it feels faster, and I personally think that the GUI is much better, and I like the idea of separate projects rather than separate workspace; also, it seems to me that the built-in VCS client works much better than the one in Eclipse.

Obviously, this is my opinion. Try both for yourself!

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