What mods do you think we can port?

I suggest we’re using this post to suggest mainly old plugins that are no longer maintained by it’s original developers (of course open-source ones), so the developers, can start porting it when we have time :smiley:

Post suggestion with following format:

  • Plugin name:

  • BukkitDev link:

  • Original author:

  • Why do you want to get it ported?:

Regards, Mcat.

WorldEdit, Factions, Essentials,

  1. Essentials are ESSENTIAL!
  2. WorldEdit is probably most helpful tool in MC ever made.
  3. Factions are core part of many servers.
  4. Minigames would be good too…

Worldedit is already in the porting proccess(sk89q is the dev of sponge and the plugin, so yeah :smiley: )

Other Plugins:
Heroes (best would be wrote it from scratch)

Yeah that would be good :slight_smile:

Oh i see. Well most of the plugs are neither open-source or old, yeah xD


Those are all maintained plugins, they’ll get ported by their authors. I’ll be porting my own plugins, and will happily assist in porting old FOSS plugins. (Once Sponge is stable enough for them.)

How about a permissions plugin O.o

ElgarL is a sponge developer so GroupManager will most likely be rewritten and ported.

When your players die, depending on how you have things set up, their items will be placed in a Dead Man’s Chest for safekeeping. You can require that your players carry around chests and signs of their own at all times, or simply have the chests appear on death. You can also secure the chests with LWC3 or Lockette.


For things like permissions, groups, economy, etc would they be best defined as at least an interface in the API so we don’t end up with the need for things like Vault again? Implementations in plugins is great, but for these basic functions that almost every other plugin gets built on it would be real nice to have a singular definition that could get extended in the future as needed. Before vault came around, you had to sometimes pick and choose which plugins to use based on what economy they supported.

@TheXFactor117 the creator of PermissionsEX said he would port it.

I’ve heard that permissions will be handled in such a manner and with @Sleaker around I’d expect economy and chat to also be handled in a similar manner.

ConstructionSites… WeepingWithers…

…Eheheheh. XP

WeepingWithers has depends on ProtocolLib… which might take awhile to update, so I doubt WW would be ready for awhile. ConstructionSites depends on WorldGuard and WorldEdit.

So we are talking about Mods? Because I believe that you are asking what Plugins we will be able to port.

Also to answer your question, any plugins can be ported, it just takes time. As long as you have people that are interested in the plugins there will be developers for said plugins. I might personally port parts of essentials. However it will not be as bloated.

Doesn’t Minecraft 1.8 include a worldborder natively?

WorldGuard is also an sk89q production, so you obviously can expect a sponge port…

A sort of Slimsentials? what would be included?

A rather up to date version of this information is found here

The ChestKeeper plugin.
Author: jjkoletar

A virtual chest plugin, pretty much the only thing that it needs is to be updated to support UUID’s, and have its config updated to use HOCON config(and possibly a sql backend too.) if it is to be converted to Sponge, been a little over a half a year since it was updated.