What, no music thread? Okay, music thread!

So, obviously this forum site is new, and I don’t feel like I’m experienced enough to step up to the plate and help contribute to Sponge, so I’m just going to post this.

What’s your favorite genre(s), band(s), album(s), and/or song(s)?

For me, I’d have to say the following:
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
I just love the whole idea of the genre. Mixing singing, screaming, melodic riffs, with death metal is a perfect combination in my mind. Early In Flames, Children of Bodom, etc.

Band: Slipknot - Nü Metal
I love death metal and the heavier end of the metal scene, but Slipknot was the first metal band I’ve ever listened to and I have a great deal of respect for them. Prepare for Hell tour, anyone?

Album:: “The Powerless Rise” by As I Lay Dying - Metalcore
This album was pure perfection to me. Every song in it fit perfectly, the solos were great, as well as the instrumentals. Both of the vocalists I love as well. Sadly we won’t be seeing any more of this band.

Song: “Lord of Woe” by Make Them Suffer - Deathcore/Symphonic Death Metal
Some would consider this deathcore, others would consider it symphonic death metal. I don’t really care what it technically is, all I care is that I love the song. I’m not well-versed in the arts of music, so I can’t give a technical explanation as to why I love it, sadly.


Band: Hard to say! I like basically anything classic rock.
Album: The Blue Album. I say that because I mostly stream music and hardly know any album names.
Song: Sympathy For The Devil, although I change every month

Band: American Authors
Album: “Oh What A Life” by American Authors
Song: “Home” by American Authors

(I really like them)

Band: Anything that’s not Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, J-Lo, or any other stupid Artist I can’t think of
Album: Read Band
Song: Insanity (Oingo Boingo)

I’ll go ahead and list some of my favorite bands, along with their most famous songs:

I’m a huge fan of the alternative / indie genre and I’m always on the lookout for new stuff. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have to share!


Don’t forget, Of Monsters and Men :smiley:


This is an incredibly difficult question to answer, as I listen to just about anything out there. But, everything aside…

Band: artist, actually. Hans Zimmer, followed by Glitch Mob
Soundtracks are my life, and as such I spend a lot of time listening to them over and over again.
All music is great, but nothing beats the way Zimmer handles Run Free, or the catchy beats of We Can Make the World Stop

Album: This is where it gets complicated. My favorite album is not by the names above, but by an orchestra called Two Steps From Hell. Favorite album will always be SkyWorld.

Song: Goodness… too many to count, so I’ll just list a few:
Chavaliers de Sangreal, the DaVinci Code - Hans Zimmer
プレインエイジア, Dark PHOENiX
Up and Away, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Flying With Mother, How to Train your Dragon 2, John Powell
Unforgotten, Halo Legends OST, Martin O/Donnell (yes the game, it’s in Halo 2)
The Final Countdown, On The Rocks
Overure, The Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webster ( I had to put it here)
Abigail’s Song, Doctor Who, Murray Gold
Fall, m83 vs Big Black Delta, TR0N - R3C0NF1GUR3D

In short, if you need any new music, I’m basically the guy to talk to. :smile:


Lindsey Sterling - Just makes amazing beats using a violin.

Band: Muse
Album: AM by Arctic Monkeys
Song: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

I like unique sound, and naturally talented singers, not singers that require Auto tune to sound decent.
But if I had to choose a favorite band, it’d have to be “Mayday Parade”.
My favourite hiphop artist would have to be “Logic”,
My favourite composer would have to be "Two Steps from Hell*
My favourite edm producer would have to be “Savant”.
and my favourite genre would have to be acoustic, I love the sound of raw vocals, and a guitar, piano, and/or violin.

So many different genres! But here I go, listing my top favorite song by different artists! Ignore the excessive amounts of the word “death”…
Note: I’m not including any artists/songs I mentioned in the original post.

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Depends, but for a while now I’ve really been into Mitch Murder. I’m not really sure what genre it is but similar artists include Karvinsky and kind of Grum. Allot of it sounds like 80’s action movie music perfect for car chase scenes.

Genre: I dunno. If I labeled it I guess I’d call it Future-Retro Electo or something. I love the Synthesizer.

Artist: Mitch Murder

Album: Burning Chrome

Song: Midnight Mall

I don’t listen to allot of metal anymore but when I did “As I Lay Dying” as one of my favorite bands. I still carry around some “In Flames” CDs in my car though.

Genre: Punk Rock
I listen to a lot of different genres, but punk music is easily my favorite. It will usually align with my political views.

Band: Green Day
I’ve listen to them for as long as I can remember listening to music. They’re just amazing.

Album: American Idiot
Words can do no justice in explaining how much I love this album. I used to just like it for each song individually, then I saw the Broadway production. Holy crap, this album, this album. It’s simply amazing.

Song: American Idiot
Besides being part of the greatest story ever told, this song holds merit on its own. I can never just listen to the song, it just understands me.

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Genre: Rap, by far. Now I’m not talking “2 chainz” or “Lil Wayne”, more along the lines of Kendrick Lamar, Hopsin, Childish Gambino.

Band(artist): I’d have to say Childish Gambino. I can’t really relate to his music, but I just really like the way he handles himself. His flow is amazing.

Album: K.I.D.S. by Mac Miller. Youtube Link

Song: Hop Is Back by Hopsin Youtube Link

Although it’s quite obvious, the links are youtube, and have NSFW language, probably not for children.

Genre: JPop
I listen to many genres, but JPop is my most favorite. Most of them are relaxing.

Band: ClariS
They are a duo consisting two high school girls, Alice and Clara. Their voice are just too good.

Album: Party Time , Birthday
First is their last album before Alice left.
Second one is their best album IMO.

Song: graduation
Good meaning, great singers.
Listen! Now!

Hmm… music. I like music, so I guess it makes sense to post here.

Genre: Just about anything, really.
Honestly, I’ll listen to anything from rap and hip hop to rock and heavy metal. Never been much of a screamo fan, though, I guess.

Band: Green Day
Not sure what it is about them, but I really like Green Day. Especially the American Idiot album. Speaking of which…

Album: “Hybrid Theory” by Linkin Park
Just because I like American Idiot, doesn’t mean it’s my favorite album. This album has been my favorite since I was around 8 years old. I think I still like it because of the nostalgia more than anything.

Song: “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars
This is my current favorite song because it reminds me of the great relationship I have with my best friend. In 2 weeks, I’ll probably have a different favorite song, but for now, this is it.

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Hoodie Allen

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Shes overrated as hell.