What OS do you prefer, and for what purpose?

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It might be redundant to make an entire new topic for this, but to me in this moment it makes sense. The old topic is about what OS you use, this one is about what OS you prefer, or would like to use.

So, what OS do you prefer/want to use? Why? What do you use said OS for?

I use Linux (Ubuntu specifically) for servers, and Windows 7 64bit for gaming, programming, and everyday use.

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I use Linux (Ubuntu & Oracle Linux) for servers… hosted on a box running Esxi :smile:

On my home computer I run OSX with Windows in a Virtual Machine for Visual Studio/CAD/vSphere/other Windows only apps.

I use Windows 7 primarily for gaming, but Ubuntu for work.

Fedora on my Laptop for linux based stuff. Mostly doing shell based server administration tasks, designing sql stuff, testbed tasks, etc.

Windows 8 on my main PC for most of the workload.

OS X on secondary computer for creative type stuff, playing music really loud to piss off the neighbors, and running IRC client (Textual is a client of the gods)

Windows 7 - For everything(Work, Design, Gaming)

Never really tried any other OS, never needed to.

Intermeresting question, well not really but it’s good to see some Linux love.

Home: Heavily customized Windows 8 pro, though I’m thinking of going back to 7 too many older games don’t run or crash on start up

Work: Winserver 2012, Win7 and Usually Debian (Ubuntn00b,SteamOS) based test rigs

Dedi’s: Nearly always CentOS, Have used Ubuntu in the past really depends what the box is being used for

I like using windows 7, most efficient in my opinion and looks the nicest :slight_smile:

Home: Windows 8.1 Industry Pro
School: Windows xP, and Windows Server 2003
Prefered server: CentOs, Windows Server 2012 R2
Server currently running: Windows 7, however we’re currently upgrading to Win10 tech preview as a test, as the owner has been running Win10 on his home PC and is loving it.