What other games do you play (besides Minecraft)?


Yeah, played just about all of the above. My son (yep, I’m old) got me into League, so that what I primarily play.

As far as addictive games that I feel like I “own” at, it would be:

Black Ops 2
Far Cry 1 / 2 Multiplayer


Just stumbled onto trackmania. (download finishing). Command&Conquer, Age of empires, a tiny bit of League, and I’m trying to get into Dwarf Fortress. Oh, and HedgeWars. (totally recommend it if you liked the Worms games)


Skyrim (insane number of mods I don’t remember), Portal 2, Dwarf Fortress, Terreria, Civ V and GTA


Terraria, And Running Windows 3.1, DOS And Windows 95


GMod and CS GO.


tf2 and The Binding of Isaac


I play RL… Graphic and shaders are Very good But i encountered multiple problems with the community last few years it suffers from snowflake tier players infestation.

Also its pay2win but i dont really have pronlem with that since the stuff you pay for is quite rewarding.

Useless you ragequit it takes couple of years to finish.


Wow, that necropost.