What other games do you play (besides Minecraft)?


Pretty straight forward: what other games and/or game genres do you like to play? FPS? PVP? MMORPG? MOBA? The point of this topic is dicover and discuss the games you like and play. Personally I am into everything PvP: Including Minecraft, Hearthstone, League of Legends (here for North American servers) and a bit of MapleStory (MMORPG) now and then.


Mostly FPS and Indie games; Counter Strike (all types), most other Valve games, tiny bit of CoD, Insurgency, Payday, etc. Then for Indie games I like to play something survival related such as Terraria, Don’t Starve, etc.


BF2, BF3, BF4, TF2, CS. Basically, FPS; My favorite being BF4.


Nice, just an anecdote what do you guys think of Far Cry 4?


There are games other than Minecraft?!?!?! :wink:

But relay I also play: Starcraft, Hailo, Portal, all the fallouts, every new Pokemon game, Half life, assassin’s creed, and various other voxel based games like space engineers, and planet explorer.


All new okemon games. Portal, starmade, simcity, sims 4, Battlefield 4, space engineers… I think thats it.


Other PC games I’ve enjoyed recently include Blockscape, Starbound, Rimworld, Space Engineers and SpaceChem.
Mostly I pay tabletop Role-Playing games instead - Call of Cthulhu, PowerFrame, StarTest, Maids, Toon, AD&D (2nd Ed, I’m ancient), Paranoia. Also enjoy Scrabble, Upwords, Dune, Kings & Things, Pass the Brain, Kill Dr. Lucky, and Phil Foglio’s lewd masterpiece card game XXXenophile.


Spore, Tera Online, LoL, Space Engine, Pokemon, Toribash, etc


I think there are many games worth playing, but

  • Day of Defeat: Source
  • Company of Heroes 2
  • PAYDAY 2

are the ones I play most.


Mostly sandbox, sim, strategy, and indie games. Lately that’s meant a whole lot of XCOM and Prison Architect.

http://steamcommunity.com/id/ku12ochou/games/?tab=all (this list obviously doesn’t account for hours spent on non-steam versions, whether DRM free or on XBOX.)


Skyrim, lots and lots of mods (including some of my own)


Terraria, After Minecraft Overheated My PS3


Haven’t had time to play a lot lately, but when I do have time, I play: CS:GO, Insurgency, BF4, and some other little games on Steam.


I’ve been slowly working my way through games like Minecraft (I’m a sucker for sandbox games, the list I’m using is here FYI, or you can just do a Google search).

Other than that I’ve started playing Faster Than Light again with a bit of MapleStory and Skyrim for good measure.


Eve Online, IPhone Games, and my own :P.


@DotDash what is the game you made like? is it posted anywhere?

When i get bored of minecraft, which happens approximately never i play:

  • Roller coaster tycoon
  • Super Smash Flash 2
  • Spore and Spore Galatic Adventures
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Bloons Tower Defense
    As well as various other sandbox-y or tower defense games.


Mainly mini-rpgs in Java, though they were only for testing certain types of things.


Lately I’ve been playing Gnomoria, Sky Nations (2 great indie titles) and FFXIV:ARR.


GTA - SA, IV and soon to be V
Watch Dogs
GRID - 1, 2 & Autosport
Age of Empires 3 (lately)
Civilization III
Tried out SpinTires


Terraria, Skyrim, Halo, Dungeon Defenders.