What phone do you have?

I’ve asked what kind of music people liked, and their computer builds, now it’s time for mobile devices!

I’m going to post all my phones in chronological order.

Every single Android device I’ve owned (which was all except for the LG Shine) I’ve rooted and put a custom ROM, recovery, and kernel on. I hard-bricked my Photon Q by doing that. My Note 3 is somewhat bricked because it has a corrupt /data/ partition, so I’ll be replacing that in a few days.

Also I know this will spark a fire for the Android vs iOS war. This isn’t the topic for that, however. :wink:


Google Nexus 5 with Cyanogen Mod


I got my sexy OnePlus One (64GB Sandstone Black) with me.

Can I get an invite pleaseeeee :slight_smile:

Currently a rooted Note 2, a OPO would be nice tho ;D

Nokia Somethingorother - Unknown - Unknown - Bricked by an accidental SIM2 lock, replaced
HTC Wing - Windows Phone 6.1 - T-Mobile - Replaced
HTC myTouch 3G - Android Gingerbread - T-Mobile - Upgraded
HTC myTouch 4G - AOKP Ice Cream Sandwich - T-Mobile - Replaced
Samsung Note II - AOKP Jelly Bean - Verizon - Still in use, fractured screen
Asus Nexus 7 - CyanogenMod 11 - WiFi - Still in use

I still haven’t received mine, but if you want I can give you one when I receive them.

I started with a Sony Ericson T203 and later on a T404
And now i have a “Smartphone” from the Aldi (for who doesnt know the Aldi, here in the netherlands it is like the Walmart in America I think really not sure :stuck_out_tongue:) so its brand is “Wolfang” like in “Wolfgang amadeus Mozart”
I needed a phone at that moment and didn’t had a lot of money so 100 euros for a smartphone wasn’t much that time :blush:

If you could hook me up with one, as well, that would be awesome.

If you have one over I could need one too ;D

I bought myself a Huawei Ascend Mate 2 while waiting for my invite for my OnePlus One. 2 Months later the invite came and went.

Now I’m just waiting for a good CyanogenMod root to come out.

Yes please the phone looks so good

Late 2010 - Early 2013: Sony Ericsson Xpedia X8
Early 2013 - Present: iPhone 4s (yeah i know, but hey it was cheap and so is the bill)

I don’t really use phones, I’ve got one of those unbreakable Nokia 3310’s kicking around if that counts for anything? [Wiki-Link for those who have never seen the legend]

Currently using a Galaxy S5 on Verizon (yes, Android enthusiasts, I know, TouchWiz is the devil, (Praise Duarte, our Lord and Savior, for from his Materials may Happiness be born)), but I’m considering getting a second line on Straight Talk with AT&T service and hooking up a Moto G 2nd Gen or Moto X 2nd Gen and having it added to my Google Voice account.

  1. Idk anymore it was something Form Motorola
  2. Motorola defy
  3. LG optimus me (i lost my defy and needed something)
  4. Motorola razr i
  5. Motorola moto G

Looks like you really like your Motorolas…

Plain Nexus 5 Black, I love it.

I got the Oppo Find 7 :smiley:
It’s amazing, really. I love it.

Also threw Cyanogenmod on it (although I have to say that ColorOS really isn’t so bad after all).

Rooted Samsung GS4 Sprint with custom rom and recovery. My daily driver is SlimKat and I use TWRP. I like to keep it simple, elegant, and most of all highly functional. Touch Wiz simply is not any of those.

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The only reason I regretted switching over to a non-TouchWiz ROM on my Note 2 was the camera. I didn’t use the camera much, but at the time, it was really lacking in features and was extremely unstable. On my Note 3, however, neither is the case.

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