What prevent?

Hi! To learn Sponge, I try to create a helpfull plugin whitch prevent naturals events. The admin can set what he want prevent in the configuration file. For the moment he is able to prevent if he want:

  • spawn monsters (separately for each monster)
  • spawn animals (separately for each animals)
  • disapear leaves (it is convenient to the cities on trees)
  • enderman pickup block
  • zombie break door
  • dragon destroy block
  • creeper explosion
  • unload to a specific chunk
    all this with the support of a plugin like worldguard
    Do you think to other fonctionality witch can be helpfull to block ?

Villagers invulnerability would probably be helpful.

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Ghast fireball explosions & fire.

Blaze fireball fire.


Water flow and ice melting would be a nice addition

Along with water flow, blocking lava flow would be useful.

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