What version of SpongeVanilla is recommended?

The download post says this:

[spoiler]We recommend using Recommended Builds wherever possible. If you wish to use Latest Builds, please read the following:

Latest Builds are the bleeding edge of Sponge Development and can be experimental and/or unstable. If choosing to migrate existing worlds, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING A BACKUP FIRST. Additionally, we recommend performing frequent backups of the server in order to minimize any potential damage caused by bugs.

Latest builds are meant to be used to test plugins in a development environment or to try out experimental features and/or bug fixes. If you want to ensure a stable server, please use the declared Recommended builds instead. When we believe a particular build is stable enough for general use, we will promote it as a Recommended Build. We are not responsible for any permanent damage done to your server, software, and/or it’s data.[/spoiler]

But on the download page for SpongeVanilla, there is no “Recommended Builds” or “Latest Builds” like there is for SpongeForge. Is the latest version of SpongeVanilla considered unstable? Which version of SpongeVanilla is considered a recommended build? Is the recommended build of SpongeForge more stable than SpongeVanilla? Should I use SpongeForge?

I use the latest builds and I don’t encounter any problems.

The only difference between the 2 is that SpongeForge is more tested, other than that nothing else.

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SpongeVanilla has got quite intensive testing in the last time on the SCS (demo.spongepowered.org) so SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla are generally mostly equal on the level of stability. There is nothing preventing you from using SpongeVanilla instead of SpongeForge.

Until we release a new recommended build, the latest build is recommended for both SpongeVanilla and SpongeForge.