What will Nvidia's next GPU series be?

So Nvidia had the 5000 series, then the 600 series…then all the way up to the 9800 GX2.

After the 9800 GX2, they came out with the numbering system we’re used to today:

GT[X] <generation><tier><some other number that someone can explain what it means>[M]

<> - required
[] - optional

So anyways, we’ve exhausted that numbering system now that the GTX 970 and GTX 980 cards have been released.

What does everyone think their next numbering system might be? Would they go to two numbers to show the generation, or would they take AMD’s route and call it something completely different (I.E. going from 7990 to R9 290X)?

inb4 GTX M
(Roman numeral 1,000)

Then the confusion of if this means mobile card or not.

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GTX M060M…yeah that would be rather confusing.

Maybe GTX U<4numbers>?

The U stands for Ultimate.

Or perhaps they could just leave it at 3 numbers if they did it like that.