What will sponge do to modded minecraft as opposed to vanilla servers

Hey seeing as I run only modded servers (servers which require the client to have reinstalled mods to join) I was wondering what will change with sponge. Will modded minecraft become more of a normal thing now since forge and vanilla people are basically teamed together?

From my best understanding, Sponge will be implementing Forge in the same way that Bukkit implemented Minecraft. So think of Forge as nms. Forge for 1.8 will allow vanilla clients to connect to servers. How I think this will work is that vanilla clients should be able to connect to modded servers so long as they are only using server side modifications. Forge clients will also be able to connect.


Ok, so I’m not the greatest expert with some of these things and got part of this wrong. To stop the spread of misinformation, a much more informed person has told me:

mbaxter> Dark-Arcana: Bukkit didn’t implement minecraft at all.
mbaxter> It implemented its API into minecraft
Dark-Arcana> Bukkt / CraftBukkit.
mbaxter> CraftBukkit didn’t implement minecraft either. It was the minecraft server, with Bukkit implemented in it.
Dark-Arcana> oh yes.
Dark-Arcana> uhh
Dark-Arcana> So I worded that wrong.
mbaxter> yus


Here’s my question: In the old days (since MCPC became MCPC+ and removed the porting requirement), mods don’t respect permissions and events that plugins need.

How will sponge bridge the gap between forge mods (which all along either have implemented their own system or simply don’t care) and sponge plugins (which will likely be focusing on protection, permissions and such)?

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The current plan, as far as I remember, is that all Sponge events should correspond fairly directly to Forge events.

While it would obviously end up being up to mods to ensure they’re firing the correct events and handling cancellations, as long as they do that correctly they should integrate fairly well with plugins.

For every Sponge-event, there will be an equilvalent Forge one


class ChunkLoadEvent extends ChunkEvent implements org.spongepowered.api.event.chunk.ChunkLoadEvent

This is part of the process of giving back. It means mods will have much more functionality opened up from the prespective of working with other mods without conflicts.


This sounds extremely awesome! /me goes to make a plugin.

Hi :slight_smile: ! Sponge Servers is an remplacement of Bukkit with mods / or no :slight_smile:

Uhm… sure? I think?

Yeah ! Im in the Windows Sponge Server Developement…