What's going on with Sponge?

/#spongedev is invite only, we are getting no news about what’s happening. What is going on behind those closed doors @sk89q?


^ That should show you what they’ve been adding. Sponge is pretty new, and there are a lot of things for them to do before they start making public announcements, I presume.

Take a look at my newsfeed:

Atm: WAIT.

Devs working at the component-system and installiing youtrack.

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Really nerdy conversations…

Not too much happened this weekend… a lot of people were out and busy with other things.

  1. Lots of discussion about the entity system.
  2. We got some servers to host the websites and forums with. We would have done it earlier but the Microsoft rumor landed and we backed off temporarily. However, we decided to go ahead with the hosting plans.
  3. We got an issue tracker up, but @lukegb was setting up, to my knowledge, LDAP so we can get single sign on with the forums.
  4. I was planning to build a long list of todo items to put onto the tracker so we can prioritize what to do, but that’s quite a bit of work so I haven’t gotten around to it.

Lots of code is currently waiting on discussions about the entity system.


That’s right and the ppl where work on this Porject shoud make it out of fun! I mean they have familly and they want to do stuff on the weekend with them! Wich i find good.


Discussions about the mc.entity system or the component system (cs.entity system)?
Sure you mean both, but component system > mc.entity system^^

mc = minecraft
cs = component system

I mean the component system.