When dynmap is taking too long to update


Thanks! I want to get to a certain point, and then i plan on creating a public git repo where contributions will be much appreciated. I think this will happen some time next year :slight_smile:


It’s cool! I can’t wait to use this plugin on my server.


wow this thing is awesome, keep it work bro. i have see a similar idea on apknite and reddit, but they quit in the middle as it’s timeconsuming. hope you can finish it oneday for everyone to have a look at it.
though the biggest i have is the 20000 square blocks, and it took me a month to end it.


nicely work sir. hope to see the full version oneday soon. i realy like the idea,and always want to make one, but as a lazy and easy quitter, i dont think i can ever make one


Hey guys ^^
I finally got around to upload the project to github!
So you can take a look, compile and try it or even contribute if you want :slight_smile:


This is really impressive.

All I can think of now, suggestion wise, is having some sort of way to navigate the map in a first person view, almost like spectator mode. That would definitely put this ahead of just about every other map solution there is, and it would be super cool.


oh man, it so cool to just zoom in, hold right click to change the angle and then just explore away in 3D :smiley: this is the future of dynamic maps, really impressive good job!


Soo, i thought i’ll give you a little progress update :innocent:


  • The renderer is no longer pulling its world-data from sponge. The whole world-rendering is now reading directly from the .mca save-files, resulting in the renders being about 5x as fast as before \o/
  • Multiple maps can be rendered and easily switched in the browser
  • I added a sky-box, so the background from top-down is now black, but the sky is still blue =)
  • Some little things and a lot of fixed issues and bugs

Because of the changed world-access it is now super easy to create a standalone program that renders the maps, also porting to Forge or Spigot is simple! One step at a time, but soo many options :slight_smile: