When dynmap is taking too long to update


... and you start working on something that's way too big for your first JavaScript experience: http://www.bluecolored.de/bluemap/

I somehow doubt i will ever finish this xD

(My goal is a Dynmap+GoogleMaps crossing ^^')

Accessing ExtendedBlockData async?

Oh my gosh that's totally awesome!! I hope you're able to finish or get help!


Really cool. Would love to see this complete!


So you click on a location on the map to get a 3d view?


(Though I must say this is not the first time I've seen minecraft in three.js :stuck_out_tongue: )


I click the link, I get a flat blue screen. It is definitely a 'blue map'. (JK it loaded eventually)


@codeHusky well in my head, I imagined it to be completely 3d, so if you zoom really far out, it shows a whole chunk as just one little colored cube with the average height of that chunk ... and zoomed in, you get that view.
Maybe some more scale-steps in between..
(Controls will change of course^^)


Looks really cool. I have to admit I've been working on something similar myself, although I haven't gotten any real results (to show at least) yet. Mind if I take a look at some of the implementation stuff for this?


No of course, feel free to look at it, or even use it..
The JavaScript stuff i wrote is all here, but you'll probably find much bad practice and ugly code (as i said it's my first bigger JavaScript project).

The Sponge-plugin part is nowhere to find at the moment but maybe I'll make a GitHub-Rep later..

If you have suggestions or if you find bad stuff in my code I'm open to hear them :slight_smile:


Not doing my thing in javascript, but here it is if you're interested. https://github.com/Katrix-/MineView. Just created the repo so not much in it so far.


I really, really, really shouldn't show people this, because people might actually expect me to finish it...but when I'm bored I sometimes work on my Sponge port of Dynmap. It might get to a working state eventually at some point. https://github.com/DemonWav/DynmapSponge


I am actually getting somewhere with this :open_mouth:

I rewrote everything, and added web-workers (currently 4 of them) which load the chunks asynchronously around your current position...

Still much to do, but i need to show off with what i accomplished so far ;D


Keep working! Your job is amazing. I hope you will publish your plugin, I would love to use it on my server!


It's cool! .........


Man, this + a way for players to publish waypoints / chat integration with Discord or something would be godlike.


Hell yeah! Truly god like.


that’s great, It renders a small portion of the map, then when i explore the dark areas, it’ll render them.


Update: http://craftednature.de:8100/
A live version installed on my server…
Working quite well allready but is taking waaaaaay to many resources and time to render yet on the servers side …
And maaany “must have” features are still missing, so it is not finished in a long time :slight_smile:


This is still so cool :wink:


I really love your project. If we can help you in any way, tell us. I’m sure there are many devs that would be happy to help.