When is the update?


When did you upgrade sponge to MC 1.14 x? It’s been a long time.


As stated by @gabizou on the discord channel dedicated to 1.14 update.


This one from @Zidane posted on may 1st may give you a better idea.

I have pushed up a PR for API 8. It is the culmination of all the work the Sponge team has done for the last year (yes year) for this release.

What you will find is a mountain of changes stemming from QOL fixes, removal of deprecation, straight up rework of certain concepts, and new 1.13/1.14 content.

tl;dr this is a massive release. Biggest in Sponge’s history. Especially since it isn’t done, not even close.

There are a few things missing that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Fix the tests
  • 1.14 entities
  • WGEN additional changes (we have a skeleton in the API only at this point)
  • AI additional changes (we need to fix the broken generics in it)
  • Commands (it has been ripped out and is awaiting completion of @dualspiral 's work)
  • Potentially re-think lifecycle events for plugins
  • and many other things I am not thinking of

With this big of a release, help is appreciated. I could use someone to go through and re-fix all the warnings in the API. Then fix all the checkstyle warnings. That would help tremendously. Could use someone to fix the tests. Location moving to the impl will complicate fixing the tests a bit.


It will be done tomorrow, give or take five years.