When the motor can download .jar

Hello, my question is when will the Prime Minister Sponge engine , and when it can be downloaded .jar ?

Read this: https://bit.ly/1uqcoYC

This has already been discussed here. Please use the build in search engine. Thank you.

Who is the Prime Minister Sponge and what is he going to do?


The Prime Minister Sponge promises free, reliable servers for all and the right for each spongian to mod to their hearts content. S/he has my vote single tear.


Vote Sponge for Prime Minister!

Also make motors able to download .jar files, because I want Sponge in my car!
Will we be able to download the Prime Minister to a .jar file?


No he only comes in .exe and .tar.gz variants. You’ll need a C compiler and a Gzip unziper to use the Tarball version.

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Maybe if I unzip the .gz and the .tar there’s a surprise .jar file in it
We believe in the all mighty Prime Minister Sponge.

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If you open the exe with a 7zip you can see the program assets, he may be in there.

The all mighty Prime Minister’s code can’t be opened.
Decrypting or Decompiling the .exe is a profanity against our all mighty lord Sponge


we were just going to look at his assets, and a Tarball file (“Something.tar.gz”) contains simplified source code already, no need to decompile, just rename the variables in the tarball to something readable and put the carriage returns and spacing back in (and re-add the comments if your a stickler for documentation).

Of course we need documentation! We cannot let Sponge’s term become lost to the ages!


But I know what I’m coding, and my partners know what I’m coding, so writing everything in compressed simplified code fore the win. :wink: You know with Java and C/C++ you can write everything on the same line!!! no need for spacing here, and name every variable a single letter starting with a, if you need more than 26 then add a letter starting at aa. :wink: You save space that way and key presses. (LOL JK;)


Let’s ask the allmighty Potato, may he guide us the way to le Prime Minister.


I still want the .jar for my motor.

Have you tried unzipping and zipping it again ?

And winrar for the clueless granny types.

Just change it to .txt write yout name in if you want, now chance it to .raw and open it in audacity and you will hear the truth :wink:

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