When will it be done?

What do you guys think? How long will it take for the developers to finish the API?

I think it was said it would be done for 1.8, so before 1.9 comes out I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I vote +2 months every time someone asks :lock:.

The more time developers got to build Sponge the better will Sponge be. If you want a stable product, be patient.
Sponge is not a simple script. It’s a huge API.

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He asked what we think. I would also be interested what people think. He did not ask for a official statement or a release date.

Yeah exactly, just want to know what people think. That’s all.

Oh ya. Well than.

  1. API has to be done! (6 weeks or more)
  2. Forge/mcp needs to have a release for 1.8 before the implementation starts (Unknown)
  3. The ASM libs (prob 2 weeks or more)
  4. The implementation (3 weeks or more)
  5. Basic plugins (8 weeks or more) | This is for the other devs
  6. Where back to the state where bukkit was (1 year or more).

Note that every point has to be done before anything can gets started.
This is what I think about it. Can be horrible wrong.

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8 weeks?
I would say one or two, ans maybe a month for advanced plugins

Well people do go to school and people do have jobs.

  1. The developers (contrary to popular belief) do have lives
  2. Gotta wait for Foge 1.8
  3. The API will take time, we don’t want the developers to rush, this is the most important stage

I won’t think we’ll need to wait for 1.8 Forge as it’s already available for 1.7, and that’s presumably what they’re working with now. They also mentioned they may be able to release a 1.7 version of Sponge. I think the biggest portion of the project time-wise is plotting out how it’ll be set up and who will do what. After that, I’m rather confident the developers, in whatever time they wish to contribute, can whip something up relatively quickly.

For clarity’s sake, @addethorsen, it may be worth altering the title so it doesn’t sound like you’re trying to ask the devs/mods/etc (it sounded to me like it was more of a community inclined question). That probably quite irritates them, as you can imagine, they probably get asked that several several times a day.

Yeah, if it’s anything like forge, you can’t rely on Sponge actually being done any time soon. They’ll probably say things like “every time you ask, it gets pushed back 2 days” or something close to that. And let’s not forget the 8 months of “mandatory” forgecraft testing that they’ll need to do, did I say 8 months?!, what I meant was 1 to 2 years. Hopefully Sponge doesn’t pull a Xycraft, EE3 or a Redpower 3 and open up a patreon account only to get thousands of dollars in subscriptions and then fail to deliver…

FYI, I have VERY little faith in Forge at this point…

Well until forge 1.8 sponge users will have to install forge on their clients afaik, that is a rather not ideal setup.

ah, that is true. Although I haven’t heard anything definitively saying 1.8 will allow that, just seems to be what we’re speculating at the moment. I’m not sure if Forge devs have said for sure if they’ll be able to do that in 1.8 or not.

When will the first downloads be available?
We cannot say at this time.

Please read the FAQ,

Thank you.

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Thanks everyone for your answers!