When you click on the "new" tab because it has a number beside it meaning there are new topics you have to refresh the page to update it

Even tough you load the page after clicking on the “new” tab it does not load the content until after an F5.

Oh, and as I always say:
“Just because my point was poorly articulated does not mean it was invalid” ~ tebbenjo

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the New tab isn’t updated live, I don’t think. I’ve noticed the same. only threads and the homepage are live updated.

Had that happen earlier to me as well.

Yes and it’s a pain, because reloading is inconsistent across the site, to quote supertramp:

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It’s quite annoying. Maybe ask the SYSops?

That’s why this topic is in meta, so those with the power can see, and because I beleave that this merits some discussion before we pester anyone with the power.