Where are the Javdocs for the Sponge API?

My apologies to everyone. I know I’m a noob here. But I’ve written a handful of plugins for the Rainbow server/API. Since the Rainbow Project seems to have been abandoned by all its devs including its creator, leaving a spammer as the only regular user, I came here to check out Sponge. I would have expected a link to the Javadocs to be on the title bar on the top of the page rather than buried in a link in an old message in an old thread somewhere. I know–that’s just me. Could someone be kind enough to reply including a link to the Javadocs (and the API download when the API is released)? Thanks :smile:

Please see this thread and generally the announcements forum as to the status of the api, forge implementation, server release, javadocs and what not. However if it is just links you want This is currently the “Official” javadoc however this is supposedly temporary and will likely move to a different location. As for api download, the api repo is here.

Than you very much! :smile:
I would have expected a link to that very page to be put prominently on the title bar of the page, but hey, not up to me, bleh.


The link on that page doesn’t work