Where can I buy Grief Defender?

I’m having problems with Grief Prevention and all the research on the forums from people having similar problems are saying to switch to Grief Defender but I can’t find a download for it anywhere. I can’t figure out how to compile it from Github but I’m supposed to be able to download the JAR file if I buy it but I can’t find out where I’m supposed to get that because the only results I can pick up are Spigot which does not have Spongeforge downloads. I’m getting very agitated because I really liked Grief Prevention and I don’t approve of having to jump through hoops for something that is no longer free even though I’m willing to buy it if I can just find the sponge version. Can anyone help me out?

It says on the GriefDefender download page at spigotmc, under About:
“If you are using Sponge, the jar is now available in the download”.
SpongePowered have no control over third-party plugins that aren’t hosted on Ore, so if you have further issues with it you’ll have to sort it out with them. There are official and unofficial support Discords for GriefDefender, if you need to discuss it with other users and devs.