Where can I find state of sponge V?

It’s not on twitch channel, it’s not on gabizou’s youtube (where all previous SoS were). Is there even an upload somewhere?

Has it even happened yet?

404: there is no result for your search

YES! SoS V was a loooong time ago. SoS VI is incoming at the end of september…

Dunno what you guys searched for… Anyways, take a look here:


SoS V happened during the Blockjam event as a panel.
The audio is very quiet though :confused:

I miscounted, thought the upcoming one was V. how time has flown.

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Actually, the SoS V recording seems to be missing. It’s not on YouTube either (that I can find).
It is possible that @gabizou has a copy somewhere, or maybe the folks at BlockJam…

I’ll poke around for it, @gabizou most likely has a copy hidden away.

Continuing the discussion from Status Update - BlockJam Edition:

Looks like the vod got deleted so hopefully someone took a copy.

Indeed. I watched it there not that long ago though :confused:
Sorry for causing confusion, then.

Don’t worry, We Can Rebuild It! I can repeat my performance if needed, and I’ll just use sock-puppets and silly voices for everyone else.

{Zidane} Mmmmf mmf mmmmmnnnnmmm nmnmnm fnnnn!
{Mumfrey} Hee haaaa haw hoe hooo heee harrr.
{Me4502.1} 0110110 0110011 1101111 !!!



We did record it locally, it’ll go up at some point.

Actually, i found “it” on progwml’s twitch. It’s from different point of view, but audio is here, and that’s most important thing
http://www.twitch.tv/progwml6/v/8546473 .

That’s another dead link I’m afraid, unless someone still has a copy this one’s also lost to time.