Where can I find...?

I’m new to using Sponge (used to run a 1.7.10 Cauldron server with BungeeCord set up), but now the servers won’t run at all, and keep saying “Unable to access jarfile, blah blah blah”, so far can’t find a way to fix it. So I’m trying out Sponge…but now, is there a world edit/world guard that works for Sponge? I’m trying to rebuild my server with Sponge but can’t seem to find any plugins that help with world editing/protections.

Also, is there any way to fix my 1.7.10 Cauldron servers? There were so many mods on there, I miss it. I’ve tried looking up ways to fix it, but everything I have found so far isn’t working. I have Windows 8.1 if that helps any.

Edit: Got BungeeCord working, but it seems BungeePortals isn’t working. How can I make it so that players can connect to the other servers without that plugin?

WorldEdit - yes, you should just be able to use the forge version here. WorldGuard - no, but I believe it (and alternatives) will be ported eventually.

Yes, as long as you enable it in the config Sponge will support Bungeecord IP Forwarding.

Thanks so much! I hope it will be ported soon, in the mean time, what are the best plugins/mods for protecting?

And that’s good to know, does Bungee Portals work with Sponge too?

And much more…