Where is setMessageCancelled in ServerSideConnectionEvent.Disconnect?

in ServerSideConnectionEvent.Join has setMessageCancelled method.

so It can hide message on player join.

but in Disconnect event it not has setMessageCancelled method.

How can I hide the message on player quit ?

Please help me.

(sponge 8.0)

Do you mean


no, The event.setMessage just set the message on player quit. but It cannot hide message on quit.

but in join event can hide message by use setMessageCancelled method.

Cant you set it to Component.empty()?

not working it just set message empty. but I want to hide message on join.

silent join, quit.

Ah fair. Having a play now. Ill have a play with your crash issue too

Just seen the setAudience method accepts null.

This means that the message gets sent to no one (although my testing, it still shows on the console)