Where is the forum hosted?

Where is the forum hosted? (Location around the globe)
What host is it using?

Just curious :smile:

Also the 10 character minimum title is annoying…

geoip said USA but nothing more specific.

That’s because they’re behind CF, @narrowtux.

It appears, however, to be an OVH server hosted in Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada.

It uses Discourse. A link can be found here.

I don’t think he meant forum software.

He wants to know where in the world, the server for the forums is hosted.

Here is what I found http://www.whois.com/whois/spongepowered.org

Real location cannot be said as they are behind CloudFlare CDN.


Ah, ok. My bad.

@Vortex, Discourse also offers hosting of forums, thats incredibly expensive though.

Discourse isn’t hosting this site though so it doesn’t really apply.

The main component of that price is the support contract, honestly.

You may also notice that the pricing is similar to other forums:

versus https://payments.discourse.org/buy/

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Incorrect. It is entirely possible. Like I already said, the server is in Quebec.

That’s all I was looking for @jdersen
If a mod could lock this, thanks :smile:

And how did you acquire this information?

Trace the email server :wink:

Not sure the email server would give you a result, considering they are using mandrill :wink:

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Mandrill still adds a Received header from the origin. There are a few other ways to find out where the servers are too.

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OFC, if someone really wanted to know where the server’s were they would know.

Hello Luke.
If the information is disclosable, where are the servers located?
Thanks, epicTylev