Where To Download And How!

I Used To Use Bukkit And Since It Closed Down I Was Wondering From Where I Can Download This And How To Use It Thanks!!!

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Sponge is in development and not released yet
link (also for server owners): Are you a server admin? Read this!
faq: Sponge FAQ - Google Docs

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So I Cant Download It!!!
Im A Server Owner :frowning:

Use Bukkit 1.7.10 as long as Sponge isn’t available.

You could use Spigot for 1.7.10 so Users with 1.8 could join, but the new Features aren’t there. So it’s kinda stupid. Also you need the Spigot build that isn’t available anymore.

So look up their side and search at google for the build.

While you’re waiting for Sponge to reach a more complete state:

Once you have build #1649 (of which we cannot help you with acquiring), Spigot have recently released an update mechanism for ‘patching’ the 1.8-compatible version. The latest of this is available here.

Please do not type capital letter in each word. Thanks :wink:

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Yeah, Aveze-vision not amused

There is a Jenkins, read this: Post

Dear god, not these people… I knew it was coming though.