Where to put plugins using SpongeForge?

I am attempting to start a small server with a group of close friends and I am new to hosting. Same as everyone else, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry if I am not familiar with a lot of common terms. Thanks for being patient with me.

Anyways, I downloaded SevTech server pack that automatically comes with Forge-1.12.2- However SpongeForge recommends running with Forge 2705. Will SpongeForge run with Forge 2707?

I have tried running SevTech with Forge 2705 however, it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. It doesn’t even attempt to run. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

When I attempted running everything with Forge 2707, the server started, however I don’t think SpongeForge was active. I could also be wrong about that… But is there supposed to be a Plugins folder that appears, or am I mistaken?

EDIT: I got my server to run with Forge 2705. I had to edit the settings.bat file to recognize that I had changed Forge versions. However, I am still looking for a “Plugins” folder. Is there supposed to be one? Do I need to create one or am I able to put the plugins directly into the mods folder?

Sponge plugins can be placed in either the mods folder or a designated plugin folder defined in the Sponge config (defaults to mods/plugins). The section of the docs for this is here.

Please note that some plugins which make use of Mixins are required to go in the mods folder because they’re processed long before Sponge loads any plugins. If you only have a handful of mods (or don’t mind searching a little), I suggest keeping everything in the mods folder purely for this reason.

As far as versions go, the version of Forge included in the Sponge version is just the target build - these are generally the latest recommended version of Forge at the time of the build’s release. Most of the time higher versions of Forge will work just fine, but sometimes they make breaking changes. Unfortunately, some mod developers build off the latest version instead of recommended, and that can lead to compatibility issues down the road. Feel free to test later versions, but understand that Sponge won’t officially support that until the next recommend Forge build is available.


Thank you for clearing this up! :smiley:

And also, just to be clear, Bukkit plugins and Sponge plugins are different somehow? As in, I cannot download plugins from Bukkit and have them work on my SpongeForge server, correct?

Completely different. I won’t get too much into the development side of things, but the systems used are nothing alike whatsoever. The main benefit of Sponge is that it integrates directly with both Minecraft and Forge, so not only does it support Forge better than something like Cauldron did but it also (theoretically) has better performance.

To answer the natural follow-up question, it’s not feasible to run something that allows Bukkit/Spigot plugins on a Sponge server - there have been attempts made in the past; all have failed long before reaching the main issues.


Thanks for all your help. You’ve helped a lot! :smiley:

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