Which Event handles destroying an Armor Stand?

  • Which event fires when an armor stand is destroyed (armor stands are entities…)
  • more questions coming soon… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess EntityDeathEvent, not sure though.

Tried that, might of been doing it wrong but I’ll check.

Actually, easy way to detect type of entity is equal to armorstand?

boolean isArmorStand = entity instanceof ArmorStand;
// OR
boolean isArmorStand = entity.getType() == EntityTypes.ARMOR_STAND;

Tried #2 with .equals(). Probably why it no worky
EntityDeathEvent doesn’t work, any ideas @simon816?

“doesn’t work” is probably the least helpful way to describe your problem.

What do you mean it “doesn’t work”? Did it throw an error? Did it not fire at all? Can you share the code used?

Doesn’t fire, not implemented. this project might need to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

For reference: