Which features are implemented in sponge right now

when i first started my sponge server i noticed that there was no /plugin command and there was no built in commands from sponge but when i loaded plugins like pex it worked, so are built in sponge commands just not implemented yet?

Running a Sponge server with Forge should have the /sponge command already implemented, but other than that i don’t think there’s anything else if you don’t add additional plugins.

Also there’s no essentials like in bukkit, yet.

oh ok i diden’t know there was a /sponge command

so how do you make different worlds then, i don’t understand the sponge commands

One could imply from userman’s post that you would need a custom sponge plugin in order to use multiple worlds.

You don’t just make new worlds… You need a plugin to do that for you like the Bukkit/Spigot Multiverse.

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