Which is the latest stable version of Forge and Spengge?

Hello, I’d like to ask about the current 1.12.2 version of the server.

What are the most stable Forge and Sponge versions?

I’m running forge-2705 now.


But I use the grief prevention plug-in

Occasionally there will be no response after clicking on [buy] when purchasing territory, but the server console will prompt XX callback

It doesn’t work. I want to change forge version and sponge version.

The “recommended build” should be the most stable one: SpongeDownloads
The ‘best’ forge version is right next to it.

That seems to be a bug with GriefPrevention. Report that issue to the GP dev.

I changed Forge to 2768

Change Sponge to 7.1.4

After replacing grief prevention with the latest version

There’s no problem.