WhitelistFix - Fixes players not being kicked when the vanilla whitelist is activated

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Yes, version 2.1 is the latest on here and that is because this was originally a plugin for Bukkit. As time went on, I ported it to Sponge but maintained the same version number as the Bukkit version to keep things simple.

This plugin adds some missing functionality to the vanilla whitelist commands. When using the “on”, “reload”, or “remove” arguments, any players that are not whitelisted that are on the server will be kicked with a message saying, “You are not white-listed on the server”.

There are no commands, permissions or configuration files to mess with. Simply drop the file into your plugins folder and reload/restart your server.

Source Code

Bug Reporting

  • Please check the Issues page to see if someone else is experiencing the same issues.
  • If the above does not fix your problem, please create a Issue if you’re experiencing a bug.

Planned Features

  • Currently there are none.


Before you ask me to update to a specific build, here are some things to consider:

  • I will do my best to keep up with Sponge snapshot builds.
  • I will NOT update with Sponge development builds.
  • Test the plugin to see if the latest version works with your server.


Do NOT message me unless I ask you to.

I do have a Twitter Account should something happen.

Otherwise, you can submit an issue with the proper information and I might able to help you out.

You should register your commands instead of listening for a command event. Read the docs.

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It was easier at the time of originally writing the plugin.

Well, there are examples in the docs and almost every other plugin here in the forums uses the intended way of creating a command.
You can create your command and name it like the vanilla one: whitelist, then go to the Sponge configs and edit it that you command will be called instead of the minecraft one.
A mapping from unqualified command alias to plugin id of the plugin that should handle a certain command

The command events are really just to intercept commands for other plugins, think like a cooldown plugin, or something that messes with aliases, and whilst you can use the event to listen for commands, you may run into compatibility issues with other plugins that also use the event.

If you wan’t something similar to the event, without having to deal with CommandSpec you can always define your own CommandCallable.

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