Who can help me change the username?


I want change to patrick_star , That makes it a good match for heads icon, Which administrator can help me, thank you very very much!!


Sadly, Ore is not quite up to the task of handling name changes - so we’re currently unable to fulfill such requests, despite how fitting it would be for your profile picture.


Actually… do you have any projects/organizations/comments or anything on ore?

Basically have you every used ore for anything other than downloading files?


no projects/organizations/comments, but I want to keep the forums data, otherwise I will register a new account


:sweat_smile:Because I’ve seen people successfully change their user name : Username change?


The deed has been done. :star2:


It usually only get done if nothing has been done on ore by the user. Hence for most people, their name cannot be changed.


What if I did? I’ve been downloading most of the time, and I’ve forgotten if I’ve commented


Then some things are going to break :confused:


I’ll let you know when something goes break:smile:


Then why did you say this?

Accuracy matters.


I take it back. I didn’t have any comments:grimacing: