Who wants to assist with an apocalypse plugin?

Hey Sponge forum,

Do any of you learning-developers want to help develop an apocalypse plugin? It would be a great opportunity for learning, and to possibly create a server with it. Experienced or intermediate developers welcome as well! Please keep in mind that this isn’t something that should be profitable, just maybe something fun to do or help out with.

Cheers to anyone interested!

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Can maybe list off some idea ya wanna reflect in the plugin? I’ve never really seen or used and apocalyptic plugin.

I was thinking of something with a huge map (arena?) for players to explore, supply packages to gather materials with, and possibly harder mobs. Those ideas aren’t really unique, they’ve all been done before. A team can get something really cool, in my opinion.

edit: I’ve been working on a Bukkit implementation of it today, since I have been home with sickness.

Ah, so sort of a hunger games plugin I guess. Some ideas that may or may not be worth trying, just off the top of my head:

Some features typically in HungerGames plugins

  • Block reverting, so the maps don’t need to be recreated.
  • Instancing of arenas so multiple games can go on at once
  • Custom chest contents that spawn in as they chests are opened
  • Block break/place white/black list

And some that may be particular to this idea

  • Custom mob spawns
    • Mobs that don’t generally spawn in overworld
    • Maybe custom names, gear, custom drops, etc as well
    • Configurable intensity/difficulty for mob spawns
    • Exploding/flaming skeleton arrows, larger creeper explosions
    • Mobs can randomly cause negative player effects?
  • Pre-applied effects on the player
    • Can make mining/fighting more difficult?
  • Modified harvesting mechanics?
    • Make food gathering harder or longer to do
    • Fewer drops from harvesting? Chance of losing crops entirely
  • Rare events
    • More dangerous lightning?
    • Meteors? (Firecharge that makes a larger explosion)
    • Over-powered/boss mob spawns?
    • Spawning helpful mobs/npcs around groups of players to encourage teams
  • Random, latent ideas
    • Effects when near certain blocks or entities (configurable)

Not sure if I’d want to take part, but some ideas for ya to ponder XD

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I’m down for this. As a beginner, I’d love to help. :)

Do you have experience with Java?

Only enough to consider myself a beginner. I’ve dabbled in bukkit coding before, and have studied Java on and off for the past 2 years, and except for the past 4 months or so, it was more for fun than to actually learn.

Alright, want to help?

Yes sir. :) <suck on that, limitations>

I’m not a professional, but I surely consider myself decent at Java. I’ll contribute to the project where I can.

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I am not a dev. I have never done anything of the sort either. However, in the future I was planning to request the porting of two “apocalypse” like plugins:

& Animal Plague

These are not the typical “mini game” or “arena” plugins that seem to be made more frequently, but I think it is nice to have a variety of plugins to choose from. These two require very little configuration, run in the background, and, in the case of Pandemic, are op initiated without interfering in gameplay (well, apart from giving people the Black Death and the like).

Other features for an apocalypse plugin could mimic SolarApocalypse (sorry, can’t link, I’m a new user), or other natural disasters.

Hopefully more ideas float around that aren’t exactly mini games or arenas. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

You may want to look at Vaast’s Aftermath, this server already does most of what you want to implement. If you want to know more technical details about it, I may be able to help you.

I’m just going to leave my Thunder Storm Zombie Apocalypse code here…

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Looks like you know what you’re doing. I rarely come across plugins with non-EventHandler/Override or Java source retention annotations, as well as good use of generic type methods. Props for someone who learnt Java before programming plugins (as it looks).

Feel free to HMU over PM.

PM me, could be a great learning experience.

How do you feel about world gen, because I’m totally down for helping with that. I would consider myself an “end game beginner” with java, I passed two grade 12 programming classes in it; but unfortunately the teacher said we couldn’t build off anything existing otherwise I’d have learned moding or plugin dev then. So I know me some java but nothing about making plugins.

How about a frozen wasteland? I’ve been coming up with a system for a RPG map for a friend’s server that needs a frozen-post-apocalyptic map. :)

I knew (know) most of the bukkit classes, and what can be done, but have no idea how to do it. xD

I’d like to help out with this

World generation probably isn’t the simplest thing to get into when learning Bukkit plugins. The general idea is to use a customized SimplexOctaveGenerator to be able to associate a certain form per location and that looks continuous across the map’s generation, then using populators to modify the terrain. You could implement it into this plugin and it might help instancing if the plugin could generate a new arena on the fly and let people enter, but it seems a bit more common to just allow owners upload their own maps and use those. So if terrain generation is implemented, maybe make it optional or have a lot of terrain options XP