Why cant plugins have custom blocks

why cant plugins have custom blocks

Custom blocks are part of the client side. A client needs to know how to render the blocks. Plugins can only modify the server side of minecraft, so they can’t add custom mobs or blocks. You can, on the other hand, rename the items for existing blocks and change their textures via custom resource packs, so you could kinda have custom blocks. You would want a forge mod for this which modifies both client and server side functions.


I recommend you take a look at Minecraft’s Client-Server model.

Because the Spoutcraft-like part that adds the possibility to add custom items, blocks etc. (and is only available for players that use the Sponge mod at their own client) has a lower priority than the Bukkit-like part. The way I create custom items/blocks with CraftBukkit is to give existing similar items/blocks special meta data and NBT tags (you’ll need NMS/OBC for that) and add custom features that are executed if the item in hand is this ItemStack x. Using a server resource pack, you can add separate textures to this items that are used if your players use MCPatcher (CTM, CIT functions). This would work with Sponge as well.

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Client code needs to be modified in order to allow custom blocks, maybe with client side Sponge this will happen. But making custom content that involves new items/blocks is almost always better solved with a mod. Mods will be more powerful and will be less of a struggle than trying to hack whatever basic support might be added in the future.

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