Why default can't open chest

People can’t open chests.

I’m running a SpongeForge server with Sevtech:Age 3.2.3, was fine before I added Sponge and the plugins and now no one can open chests

The server is running:

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

Likely that its LuckPerms doing that.

You need to give the default permissions group the permission to interact with blocks


If you remove luckperms temporarily and try to interact with chests, it should let you. If it does then you know its a permission issue. If it still doesn’t then it could be something else

The problem is Luckeprms, is there any way that allows the default group to interact with blocks?
I can’t find any way in the documentation.

There is. I cannot remember the permission from the top of my head but. Luckperms has a command called lp verbose that tells you in real time the permissions being used.

This will tell you the permission you need to add to the default group