Why isn't Sponge newest forge version?


Why isn’t Sponge newest forge version?Some new mods can only be used on the newest forge version.It may cause some inconvenience.


We usually stay on the latest Forge Reccomended build, as this helps to ensure stability. Also, if breaking changes are made in a newer build, staying on a recommended build allows us to stay compatible with the majority of servers (assuming that most people are running the reccomended build).



Recommended Forge is 2705, as shown above. While there are some cases where mods require newer versions of Forge due to bugfixes or new features, this is generally the exception rather than the rule. If mod developers wish to use later versions, then they should understand the potential consequences of that when it comes to interacting with other mods.

That being said, Sponge does not explicity rely on certain Forge versions. If you haven’t already feel free to test it on the Forge version you need, and if it’s not working then Sponge will update compatibility when the next recommended version is available.



Is there coming an update soon for the new Forge version ?


With these points in mind - does that mean I can use the spongeforge version on here (with forge 2705 listed in the filename) with a newer build of forge safely, as far as sponge functionality is concerned?

Obviously whether other things break is its own topic, I can deal with that as it comes. I’d just like to update the thermal trio, if the forge version can indeed be updated :slight_smile: