Widd - part time plugin dev


Hi, I’m widd.

I write a lot of code and have been doing so for almost 10 years in a variety of languages including Python, Java, and most recently Kotlin.

I have a lot of experience with Minecraft in general, as well as Bukkit and (nowadays) Sponge.

I’m here to make myself available for plugin projects as my time permits.

I have many previous projects covering a myriad of areas (gaming, reverse engineering, web) as well as Sponge/Bukkit plugins; however, almost everything I write ends up being private or closed source. Personal projects and others I am permitted to share are available upon request.


  • I charge a flat rate of $20/hr. For smaller plugins that I can design and/or write quickly I’m open to agreeing on a flat amount before I complete it. For anything where the time spent may be yet undetermined, I charge the hourly rate (generally for larger projects and/or projects with meticulous detail).

  • Issues/bugs/other concerns still present after initial completion will be resolved/addressed free of charge.

  • Things pertaining to the above but outside the scope of the original project (ex. an additional, large feature) will be considered separate and another fee will be agreed upon.

  • You will retain full rights to the project code (publication, distribution, modification, etc) aside from the requirement that a notice listing original author(s), including myself and any others who were consulted about said project. In short, this includes public, private, closed source, and open source plugins (and any combination thereof).

Before contacting me:

  • I can write SpongeForge plugins, but in-depth Forge mod interactions I will (generally) have to pass on. This will vary by case.

  • I do not write Bukkit plugins anymore. After the API and implementation was officially taken down, I stopped developing for it in favor of other platforms, like Sponge.

  • I write my SpongeAPI projects in Kotlin. I like shortcuts and compact code. If this is an issue, please make sure to let me know (Note: For most people this should not be an issue as Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java). For small projects, I do still stick with plain Java as bundling the Kotlin runtime feels unnecessary.

  • I have a limited amount of time to dedicate. Large-scale projects may be refused (ie don’t send me requests for “(a) plugin(s) to make my server just like Wynncraft/Hypixel/Mineplex”).

  • Make sure I haven’t put any notice(s) at the top of this thread. I may have to eventually refuse all requests (like I said, I only have so much time) for undetermined amounts of time depending on backlog, workload, my own schedule, etc.

Other than that, I’m fairly lax about what I charge. Frankly, if you have a small or generic enough request, I may do it for free. If you aren’t sure about something regarding your idea/request, you can talk it over with me and I can try to help you hash it out (ie “is this something that a plugin can do?” or “is there a better way to do this?”).

While I no longer write Bukkit plugins, I am open to porting them to Sponge. Similarly, I am also willing to try and rewrite or update existing plugins upon request.

Contact Info:
Discord: widd#1337
E-Mail: widd@teamimmersion.net

Or simply PM me here on the Sponge forums.

I will respond via Discord the fastest (usually a few minutes to a few hours). E-Mail or Sponge forums I usually respond within a few days to a week.

General questions, feedback, etc. are all welcome here in the thread.

This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


You might want to list your public experience, so people know what they’re getting. You don’t have any Ore plugins.


Thanks, I was actually just rewriting the section. Most of my work is private for one reason or another (usually because of proprietary libraries) but much is available upon request.