Wiki pages

Would it be possible to have more than just 10 wiki pages?

Yes, by helping them out.

I believe that @NeumimTo is referring to the actual Ore website. Neumim’s plugin NT-RPG currently has 10 pages on Ore, so I’m assuming that there is some sort of limit on Ore itself.

Oh, you’re probably right!

Sorry @NeumimTo

Thats what i was talking about. 10 pages is too limiting for any complex plugin

It is kind of an odd limit. Have you opened an issue on the Ore repository?

Since there has been no official statement on this issue.

If someone else would like to have more than 10 pages in the plugin wiki as well:

  • If you reach the 10 pages ore only hides the “+” button
  • Ore validates page count only in the frontend side

lets you to create as much pages as you wish (dont forget to include your cookies and csrfToken in the req. body)