Will bukkit plugins work with sponge?

Hello, so maybe this is a dumb question, but sorry I don’t know much about coding, since almost all of the servers will need to switch to sponge, it would be horribly stupid from the developers to make something completely different that won’t support any of our bukkit plugins. But as I said I don’t know much about coding and if it would be possible to do that.

Yes, they do work with Spigot.
No, they do not work with Sponge.
However, there will be a mediator plugin called Pore, which will allow the most Bukkit plugins to function with Sponge.

This has been answered over and over, please do some research next time.

This is Sponge, not spigot. And no, Sponge doesn’t support bukkit plugins. (For spigot questions please see their forum). There is Pore:

which will serve as a bridge if it gets done.

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Y u ninja me?

I’m sorry I thought sponge but for some reason I wrote spigot :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe, cause I can. :3