Will I be able to make a modded server with Sponge, and my friends be able to connect to it on vanilla minecraft?

This post is basically the title. I have a friend that cannot download mods, and i was wondering if I mod my sponge server, will they be able to connect without installing the same mods. Any help would be wonderful!

Sponge will not magically send mod information to the vanilla client and the vanilla client will not magically mod itself. It does not work like that. In fact, it’s worrying to think what would happen if that were possible!

I’m assuming these mods you’re talking about will add content to the game right? Well you need to modify each client to accept these modifications - hence needing a modded client.
If the mods don’t add new content, it may be possible that a vanilla client can connect, however this is unlikely, and the mod information page would state this if it were possible.

tl;dr No, that’s not possible. You need the same mods on each client as on the server.

Ok I knew it was a slim chance. Thank you any way.

Basically, Sponge doesn’t alter the requirements of Forge, or any mods you install. While Forge 1.8 allows Vanilla clients to connect, any mod that requires itself to be installed on the client will continue to do so when you have Sponge installed.

Sponge does however make server-side plugins smoother when interacting with mods, and doing thinks like protecting from grief.

Could you clarify what you mean when you refer do modding?
You actually can run Sponge plugins and connect with a Vanilla client. However you can’t install Forge mods which require a client mod (basically everything which adds custom content to MC) and connect with a Vanilla client.

By modding I did mean installing forge mods. I also am wondering if sponge will be usable with other plugin api’s.

Or plugins from other APIs forums

Nope, SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla can’t run BukkitAPI or Canary plugins out of the box. SpongeVanilla obviously can’t run Forgemods either…

However some brave soul started Pore, a plugin which tries to implement BukkitAPI on top of Sponge. Pore is currently outdated and far from finished, though.

You can run Forgemods which are serverside only, like WorldEdit for Forge and still connect via a Vanilla client. However you can’t run for ex. BiomesO’Plenty, Thaumcraft etc. as these require clientmods.

Ok thank you everyone for contributing. I think I have my answer.